Process improvement

  Do you have a lot of repetitive and time consuming tasks at work? Change this!

Work smarter – not harder!

What is the process automation?

The processes handled by MS Excel are very often repeatable, additionally – if performed in a manual way – they can lead to many unplanned mistakes which also can be hard to detect. VBA programming language gives the possibility to automate such processes and lower the risk of the potential mistakes.

The most important features of the cooperation with us:

What does the cooperation process look like?

  1. First contact – gathering information about what can be automated / improved,
  2. Familiarization with the Client’s processes (VBA-EXCEL.PL team signs the NDA),
  3. Fixing the schedule of the improvements implementation and the payment schedule,
  4. Conducting the project,
  5. The care of the project after its completion (the duration of the care fixed individually).

If you have a lot of manual and time consuming tasks at your work, please contact us – we can automate them for sure!


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